Aitiss requires its users to authenticate their domains with SPF and DKIM records in order to ensure the best deliverability of emails. This will improve your sender reputation which will increase your chances to get your emails to the Inbox folder instead of SPAM.

How to find and add your SPF and DKIM records for


Step 1: Once you log in your profile go to the menu on the top and go to Profile -> Sending settings.


Step 2: On the next screen click the orange button + Add email/Domain

Step 3: Fill in the following 3 fields:


  1. Add your domain.  If your company domain is enter it in the first field. Don’t add https:// in front of your domain. If you already have added that domain before, you can Select it from the dropdown menu.
  2. Add your From name. This will be visible to your subscribers when they receive an email campaign from this email address so choose it wisely. Most often people add their company name there.
  3. Add your email. This is the email from which subscribers will receive your marketing campaigns. To confirm that this is indeed your email address and you have rights to it, we will send you automatically a confirmation code there.

Step 4: Enter your confirmation code.

Open the email you wrote in the previous step and copy the confirmation code from there and paste it here. If you haven’t received it check your Promotion folder or Spam folder or click the “Resend email” button,

Step 5: Download the SPF and DKIM records and send them to your hosting provider.

If you have never added SPF records before we recommend you contact your hosting company and just send them your SPF record and they will add it for you (usually this is free of charge). The process may differ from one hosting company to another.

Step 6: Verify your SPF and DKIM records.

After your hosting provider adds them to your domain it might take some time for them to become active. To Verify your SPF and DKIM records open this screen again (Profile -> Sending Settings) and click the green “Play” icon next to the email/domain you need to verify.